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Braeden Yacobucci

Registered Dietitian

Braeden Yacobucci received his Bachelor’s in Nutrition from Kent State University and completed his dietetic internship with Wellness Workdays based in Boston, MA.  Braeden’s approach to wellness is holistic, taking into account things like mindfulness, exercise, and sleep as well as food. A love of fitness compelled him to receive a certification in CrossFit training, which he uses to coach CrossFit classes at CrossFit Cadre in Hudson, OH, where he also works with athletes on their nutrition, in addition to working as a Registered Dietitian at Biscuit Nutrition. The joy he sees in others when they make positive lifestyle changes is what drives Braeden to pursue nutrition coaching and provide as many people as possible with quality nutrition information. Braeden has a passion for food and overall wellness, enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, doing CrossFit, reading, and spending time with others in his free time.