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Aaron Maltz

Founder and Head Fitness and Conditioning Coach

From a young age, Aaron Maltz, the Founder of FitLabb, has always aimed to help people and leave the world a better place than he found it. Aaron has very humble beginnings, and his fitness journey began at the age of 14, when he first discovered the gym as a means to helping him overcome a difficult childhood where he was badly bullied. Building himself up through strength training had given him the confidence as well as both the mental and physical strength to rise above that difficult time in his life, and he has since turned this passion for health and fitness into not only a lifestyle, but a career as well.

Aaron studied an exercise science program at Rutgers University for nearly 3 years, earning his personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise during this time, and graduated Cum Laude with a bachelor’s of science degree from Montclair State University. Right out of college, he became a middle school and high school teacher, while working afternoons, evenings, and weekends as a trainer. He quickly built his reputation as one of the hardest working and most knowledgeable trainers in his area, which was what helped him to eventually go on to work with several celebrity and pro-athlete clients.

As both a dedicated husband and father, and having had several “career adventures” in stressful and demanding jobs throughout his professional life after leaving his teaching career behind for the corporate world, Aaron has a deep understanding and appreciation for all the difficulties that we all experience in our daily lives. He has been able to come up with effective strategies to navigate the challenges faced in these roles by constantly working hard to create balance in his life, and to make sure he is investing enough time and effort into each individual area, both professionally and personally. By planning ahead, Aaron has been able to ensure he finds time to exercise regularly and eat healthy, which has consistently been a focus through the years to help him achieve success and balance in all that he does.

After taking leave from the fitness industry to pursue other business endeavors for several years, Aaron noticed the declining professional standards, ethics, and quality of service being provided in the online fitness space, as the internet had become most people’s new main source of health, nutrition, and exercise information. This lit a fire under him to get back to his roots in the fitness industry, as he saw an opportunity create something new and different to not only stop the spread of misinformation that was causing harm, but more importantly, to get back to helping people again in a meaningful, ethical, and honest way that would support them in properly and safely achieving their goals. Building a scalable online business model that would go well beyond what he could accomplish working with a limited number of in-person clients, while providing a very high quality of service was the obvious answer, and this was the concept behind the creation of FitLabb.